HAAH Automotive was formed in August 2014 by Duke Hale. Duke a highly experience automotive executive had the vision to start a new type of car company. His journey started twelve years ago working with Chinese OEMs and has now expanded to working with Global brands (America, Europe & Asia). Duke handpicked an “All-Star” team of automotive professionals all having the vision and the same dream of winning distribution rights for new brands desiring to enter North America.

Our Mission is to “disrupt the car buying process hand in hand with dealers” making it painless, transparent, and exciting for consumers. HAAH’s “Innovative Model is designed to Shake Up” the Automotive Industry in North America. We are committed to delivering a Dealer Friendly and Customer Focused experience.

Zotye USA is our first brand with HAAH having US distribution rights to sell their full range of SUVs. Zotye is one of the fastest growing car company’s in China and is a JV partner with Ford. Our first SUV will go on sale in the fourth quarter 2020.

The HAAH team is working with numerous OEMs to secure additional North American distribution rights. All these mass market brands will offer the North American consumer high quality at a great price.

Under Duke’s leadership Mazda, Volvo and Lotus achieved record sales as well as the highest levels of employee and dealership satisfaction. Based on Duke’s proven track record of success HAAH will launch this new car company based on technology, transparency, and customer value.

HAAH Automotive Holdings Appointed US Distribution rights with Chinese Automaker Zotye

Zotye, one of the fastest growing automakers in China with an independent R&D arm is developing numerous new models to be launched between 2018 and 2022. One of these new models will be the first product launched in the USA fourth quarter of 2020.

HAAH Automotive Holdings, headquartered in Lake Forest, Calif., is developing a sales and vehicle distribution network for non-U.S. based automakers. The company is forming a network of new car dealers who will handle products, service, and parts for vehicles new to the North American market. HAAH’s mission is to “Disrupt” the car buying process hand-in-hand with new vehicle dealers to provide both a superior customer and dealer experience.